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Marsh side Field Trip

Sixteen members and friends met at the RSPB carpark, Marshside, from where the group encamped to Hesketh Road about 1km to the south-west to begin an exploration of the recently developed tidal saltmarsh at the mouth of the Ribble Estuary. The leaders, Phil Smith and Patricia Lockwood, first pointed out a number of young willow bushes growing out of cracks in the concrete seawall. These included the nationally rare Salix×friesiana, as well as a much more frequent hybrid, thought to be Sal […]

Wyre Way Field Trip

Sea Rocket Our meeting point was close to Rossall Point at Fleetwood where the group assembled at 10.15 in conjunction with members of Liverpool Botanical Society.  One member had made the journey up from Shropshire and, after a great day, was delighted to have made the trip.  The walk was led by Eric Greenwood who generously shared with us his amazing knowledge of all things botanical though, as one member of the group at Yarrow Valley on Thursday pointed out, “you can only lear […]

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Yarrow Valley Country Park

In conjunction with the Wild Flower Society the walk around Chorley’s Yarrow Valley Country Park  led by Julie Clark and local guide Carol  was a perfect day.  The weather was fine and in contrast to so many of our trips we didn’t have a drop of rain. Our target species for the day was Green Figwort or Water Betony Scrophularia umbrosa and as we approached the end of our walk Carol was able to put us in exactly the right place to enjoy this sighting which w […]

Gait Barrows NNR

Rob Petley-Jones ( Second from right Despite the dreadful weather forecast and the downpours we experienced driving north the Gail Barrows we enjoyed an almost rain free day with on and off sunshine. We were met by Rob Petley-Jones, area reserves manager for Natural England, who had opened the access gate to allow us to park in the centre of the reserve. After a brief introduction Rob escorted us round the site pointing out many of the specialities growing in the deep fissures, grimes, o […]

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Wildflower Survey in Yarrow Valley C.P.

Emerging leaf of Impatiens Noli tangere The Bio Diversity Society  Group met at Lancashire’s Yarrow Valley Country Park to survey the flora of Burgh Wood which rises steeply above the Big Lodge taking the group away from the footpaths that would normally be crowded with dog walkers and visitors to the park.  Today, however, constant rain had kept all but the most determined indoors and we had the area very much to ourselves.We were supported by David Earl, BSBI Recorder for the two vi […]

Getting to grips with wildflower keys

Kevin Widdowson, Education Officer at Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trusts’s Idle Valley Reserve has set up a closed Facebook group to help people learning to ID wildflowers using France Rose’s Wildflower Key.You can share your tribulations with others in the group as you learn the botanist’s vocabulary and find your way  through the couplets to the plant family and then on to the species you are working on.I have just successfully worked my way to the answer with plants that I knew well,   […]

Wildflower Society / Botany Group Walk

Teesdale Violet Several members of the Botany Group met up with members of the Wildflower Society on a walk from Woodwell in Silverdale via Jenny Brown’s  Point and Heald Brow then back to our cars at the well.Despite the appalling weather forecast we didn’t have a drop of rain though in exposed parts of the walk there were strong winds however in sheltered spots jackets had to be unzipped.Julie Clarke of the Wildflower Society provided us with an excellent walk and demonstrated her remarka […]

Liverpool World Museum Botany Collection

Part of Herbarium Collection Dr Colin Smith of the BSBI and Wendy Atkinson, a curator of the botany collection at  Liverpool Museum hosted a training session introducing attendees to John Poland’s Vegetative Key to the British Flora.This proved a very challenging task for some of the group, me in particular, and some samples proved impossible to identify through the keys even though it was a known plan.We also had the opportunity to try our hand using several types of microscope to study t […]

Rivington Gardens Survey

Many Lancashire Wildlife Trust Volunteers would, like me, have received notice of a survey to be carried out at the Japanese Gardens  on the old estate of soap tycoon Lord Leverhulme.  William Hesketh Lever was a Bolton grocer who developed soap products in the cellar of his shop and went on to today’s mighty detergent and chemicals empire Unilver.The terraced gardens on the hillside at Rivington were designed by the landscape architect T. H. Mawson from the Lakeland Nursery in Wnderme […]

Field Trip to Condor Green & Lancaster Canal

Our postponed Field Trip got off to a good start as 11 members of the Botany Group met up at the Condor Green car park to join our leader Eric Greenwood ably assisted by David Earl, Vice County Recorder for Lancashire VC 59 & 60.Tyro botanists, such as myself, find it hugely beneficial to be in the company of such experienced and knowledgeable botanists as well as Sarah Stille, BSBI Vice County Recorder for Merioneth; Sheila Wynne, General Secretary of the Wildflower Society. htt […]