Author: Alex M

Comment on Rare hen harrier illegally poisoned in Ireland

If it was not for the fact that Hen Harriers manage to breed on the Scottish islands, it would be extinct as a UK species. The RSPB places many satellite tags on nestlings every year. Few live to manage to breed. Science has placed the issue directly a…

Comment on Hope for hen harriers? Reflections on 2019

Thanks for this update. I do try to keep a record of what you publish, but the information on Rain, Xena, Marvel and Angharad were new to me. I’d like to add my thanks and I’m sure that of many other members to those who spend so much of their time monitoring these birds. I do wish that we had more information from Natural England, who also tag birds, but publish little, and nothing since the the 3 birds Mabel, Tom and Barney vanished in 2018.

Comment on Meet the class of 2019

In case people are concerned that these are all the birds which the RSPB has tagged this year, in past years they have tagged many more birds which are not added to the LIFE class. I hope that this is the case this year, although I’d prefer that all birds taken in hand were satellite tagged, giving us a better insight into the lives of the birds. Let us hope that some of them survive long enough to breed. It’s a hard life for uk Hen Harriers.

Comment on Five nests and first flights at Bowland

It is so good to hear that there has been have a second year of successful nesting. Many thanks to those who have monitored the nests. I expect that the RSPB has satellite tagged as many birds as possible in order that we can gain a greater insight int…

Comment on Four hen harrier nests in Bowland.

I hope that the RSPB will ensure that tags are fitted if at all possible to the chicks. This will provide both excellent scientific data as well as confirm the continued health (or not) of the 2019 cohort. I wish to applaud all those monitoring the nests.I’m sure that we will hear of the RSPB results. I assume that the brood meddled Hen Harrier data will not be used for the same purpose.

Comment on Spring Sorrow – Skylar and Marci’s tags suddenly stop

This news is heartbreaking, showing that our iconic birds are being targeted in an unending fashion. It must be terrible for those who seek to repopulate these birds. Until government and the justice system takes this matter seriously I can see no change.

Comment on New study reveals widespread illegal killing of hen harriers on England’s grouse moors

The NE study was based upon 58 birds. The RSPB has stated that even in 2018 they tagged more that 30 Hen Harriers. The RSPB may hold even more data than that which the excellent paper is based upon. I would like to ask the RSPB if they are prepared, us…

Comment on What is the RSPB doing to protect hen harriers?

I think that it is essential the The RSPB keeps up it’s work in this area. Clearly, at present, it is not showing huge results, which must be hugely disappointing to those investigators and volunteers who have put so much effort into this. I live in Scotland, where the work of government is being frustrated by the actions of Crown Counsel, whose decisions directly impact on the ability of the RSPB investigators to work effectively. Let us hope for better results in 2019. The number of ‘good’ estates prepared to work with the RSPB are to be congratulated on their opposition to the actions of other ‘not so good’ estates. I look forward to future blogs, and wish they had greater coverage and advertisement as to their existence among members.

Comment on Reflections on 2018 – part 1

This is a heartbreaking tale, particularly for those who have taken such care to ensure that the birds were able to fledge by monitoring the nests. Natural losses are expected, but to find that such a large number, 15, of the birds had died in suspicio…

Comment on Another hen harrier disappears in suspicious circumstances

Thank you very much for revealing that over 30 Hen Harriers were tagged in the 2018 season. Whilst I personally am not able to make any valid scientific conclusions from the data made available, the number of RSPB tagged birds,and in the absence of dat…