Author: wadingthroughwigeon

Wader minute

A very brief blog post about almost as brief a birding session at Marshside before work – but what a session. Waders again were the highlight, with 3 stunners putting a smile on my face for the rest of the day. The weather was murky and grey, the pics aren’t great, but the birds were […]

Flavour Flava

After a weekend in London, I managed a couple of hours this morning at Hesketh and a flying visit to Marshside. A nice selection of species and plumages, but yesterday’s storm was still petering out at dawn, so compared to last week it was pretty grim. Hesketh had a few nice waders – 2 Whimbrel […]

Sexy Saxicola

Some more early morning birding, and it was nice to get some reward in the guise of a simply stunning male Whinchat. They are a jewel of a bird, a bit like a mini jazzed-up Wheatear, with their lovely orange tones, white super and tail pattern. This bird was feeding with 2 male Wheatears on […]


Amazing how a couple of decent birds can make all the hard work, early mornings, freezing wind and many hours of fruitless trudging worthwhile. 6 early morning and evening sessions over a 5 day period had pretty much drawn a blank until this morning. Yes, its great to have the Willow Warblers back and listening […]

L R Please

A stellar start to the day as I picked up an Osprey over the out marsh whilst driving down Marine Drive at Marshside – a “temporary” parking spot later, and I manged a rubbish record shot as it headed across to Blackpool. The golf course was pretty quiet, but it was a lovely morning to […]

Around the world in 8 top geese

Still having the sheer volume of geese on Crossens and Banks in April is fantastic. Some simply superb goosing to be had at the minute and some cracking birds seen with Pete & Mark today. Goose around the world…. Melville Island, Canadian High Arctic – Grey-bellied Brant (Banks Marsh) North America – North American Canada […]

Mother knows best

After a lovely morning in Lytham with the family, I managed a couple of hours with the geese at Marshside late afternoon. The birds are still concentrated on Crossens Outer and Banks, gorging on the rich salt marsh grasses before their journey North. Small flocks constantly on the move, with the occasional large scale aerial […]

Double Trouble

Didn’t feel too Spring like at 6am on the Golf Course this morning and the light was really dull, but a few nice birds knocking about. The adult Med with the bad leg was on Southport Golf Links this morning – here’s an image of it from yesterday on Hesketh Golf Course. Several Redpoll through […]

White Russian

More goosing today – its great that we’ve had another influx and I’ll watch them as much as I can before they go. I enjoy spring migration at Marshside, but it’s always tinged with sadness as the goose throngs depart for their northern breeding grounds – I’d love to go to Iceland to watch them […]