Author: wadingthroughwigeon

Old friends

A good scout round the Ribble area today and some quality birds, even if I had seen most of them before at some point over the last few weeks. Some of them, like the drake American Wigeon that I picked up at first light on Shelter Pool at Hesketh feel like old friends! Also a […]

7 Swans a swimming

Early start at a breezy Hesketh, and the reserve was full of ducks and geese. About 4,000 Wigeon on the West, but despite several goes at them I could only find 30+ Pintail and a female Shoveler. Like wise the Geese – just a neck collar Pink (VLX I think), the bird with the white […]

Eton Rifles

The Jam’s song on the stereo this morning on the way out was pretty apt – as I opened the car door at Hesketh the sound of guns from the outer marsh put a mass of duck up on the western part of the reserve. Thankfully they whirled around a few times, but then dropped […]

Easy for Smew to say

Another dawn start at Hesketh hoping for more views of the Dowitcher, but  not to be. The Wigeon numbers have greatly reduced with many now out by the river or on Banks, but there was still a thousand or so to work through. There were 5 Goosander on the West and a Spotted Red in […]

Brief encounter(s)

A dawn visit to Hesketh yesterday looking through the duck, was interrupted when an wader flushed from one of the pools by the bank – it stayed fairly low, did a couple of circles quite close to me and then headed off towards the east part of the reserve where it appeared to drop in. […]

Goosing is the Anser

Really enjoyed the close up views of a flock of about 2,000 Pinks in Banks recently. Few things are more relaxing and absorbing than watching and listening to a settled goose flock feed. Highlight has undoubtedly been the Greenland Whitefront that’s been with them every time I’ve scanned the flock. There seems to have been […]

Easy Asio

An early start at Hesketh hoping for a repeat of the Wigeonfest from yesterday. The number of duck on the reserve at the minute is incredible, but the high tides have put a lot of water into the pools so they’re spread out and take a long time to work through. Highlight of the day […]

Dad’s gone to Greenland

After a family day out at Martin Mere, I had a really productive hour and a half at Marshside looking over Crossens Outer until dusk. The highlight was probably a neck collar Greenland Whitefront that was in with the Pinks, but it had some competition. The bird was just too distant and the light not […]