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Forum Post: My local RSPB Group will be visiting Marshside in May 2020.

My local RSPB Group from North East England will be visiting Marshside in May 2020 of which I’ve never visited before on my RSPB Groups annual birdwatching week long holiday visiting a number of birdwatching areas in Cumbria and Lancashire. As well my …

Forum Post: RE: Wildlife Photography at Leighton Moss

Marina P I think RSPB are charging for the use of certain facilities anyway. For instance we were told that we had to pay to visit the Mull Eagle nest observatory hide. Personally I don’t mind, it’s all going for a good cause and God knows we’ve robbed our wildlife from so much habitat, food etc that whatever we give back is a blessing! In any case your point is well taken! If that’s the case it is completely wrong. I paid over £1,300 approx about 4-5 years ago to become a life member of the RSPB and have been an RSPB member since about 1973, as well as giving regular donations and so I don’t expect to be charged for these visits,

Forum Post: RE: Wildlife Photography at Leighton Moss

That would be ok, as long as RSPB members where not charged for using those hides whether for photography or just looking at birds through binoculars or scopes.

Forum Post: RE: Wildlife Photography at Leighton Moss

I’ve posted about this subject before on a thread in the Old Moor section and I completely disagree with the RSPB over this. It’s like a two tier visiting first and second class citizens. Getting closer to wildlife by paying an extra huge premium. As …

Forum Post: RE: Deer cull?

Clare kathyo1843164792 I have rescined my membership and so has my husband and we pay by monthly direct debit like thousands of others so yes you can and many people will be against the RSPB due to them killing wildlife so good bad publicity for them, in newspapers and on North West Tonight TV, whilst, of course, RSPB themselves not happy to inform people what they are up to! Why would you be so pleased at the idea of the RSPB getting bad press?  If you joined the RSPB in the first place then you presumably, like me, love birds and wish to contribute to their long-term protection.  You come across as, to say the least, extremely passionate in the defence of wildlife.  I’m surprised I haven’t seen you posting before – a good number of important issues have been discussed on here…….the illegal persecution of hen harriers, for instance, and the extreme media bias against the RSPB in wishing to highlight the issue. It goes without saying that my membership will be continuing. Yes i will be continuing my membership of the RSPB as well with my Life Membership and im a vegetarian like some on this thread, but sometimes difficult decisions have to be made for culling, like in this instance of the Deer, which i have to admit has to be done to benefit other species.

Forum Post: RE: Admissions to Leighton Moss to rise by just under 50% for non members

It actually makes me think that the RSPB might be planning to increase membership subscription steeply this year. I hope not, even though it wont effect me.

Forum Post: RE: Admissions to Leighton Moss to rise by just under 50% for non members

Every individual adult member. There are concessions for pensioners, children and family’s with children. But even those concessions have gone up quite steeply

Forum Post: Admissions to Leighton Moss to rise by just under 50% for non members

I’m not at all pleased to find the admission to Leighton Moss is to rise by just under 50% from £5.00-£7.00 for non members from the 1st January 2015. It’s a huge rise by any comparison when large numbers of the general public have received no pay rise for a few years. And just to say it wouldn’t affect me as I’m a Life Member of the RSPB. I thought Saltholmes rise in admission to that reserve was much fairer last year when it went up from £3.00-£4.00 for the first time since it opened as an RSPB reserve approx 4 years ago.