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Worst ever seawatch in south-westerlies?

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Nowt in about an hour on and off on incoming tide

Outfalls/Red Nab
Common Tern - a welcome Adult feeding and resting
Tern spp - very brief view facing away - think it flew into bay (yesterdays Sandwich?)
Med Gull - ad and 3CY but disappeared very quickly and not there after 0900
Redshank - 2

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Thursday – bowl hopping fish

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Some goldfish have been around for some time in the dog walk pond and seem to have hybridised with ?roach which have similarly been put in there.  Hope this springs wintering Bittern can find them in 2017/8

Thanks Malcolm

Outfalls/Red Nab near HT
Med Gull - 2-3 Ad and a different 3CY
Sandwich Tern - adult outfalls

Grey Seal - 1

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A rather belated finish to the nesting seagull census today but I have not got the data to hand

Lots on Fisher's roof but unexpected lack of any GBBG success there

The outfalls held a new Med - below on Red Nab and easier to find than yesterdays 3CY!  Also the first (dispersing) baby Black-headed Gull of the year - early?  Late afternoon saw two adults at low tide.  Its starting to happen!

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More returning adult or near adult seagulls

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Heysham Obs
A reasonable number of seagulls on the outfalls and Red Nab including a 3CY Med in full summer plumage:

Moth traps at Middleton held both Silky and Obscure Wainscot and a rather late Shaded Pug graced the Heysham trap.

Any dragonfly info from today?

Ringing took place at Middleton NR this am and the surprise was a rather early dispersing juvenile Treecreeper - usually an occasional July feature and scarce and erratic at all times away from Heysham Head - and the first juv Reed Warbler.   Perhaps surprisingly, the few recent ringing efforts have not included any juvenile Cetti's Warbler, but the territories are mainly to the east of the ringing site 

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Middleton early am
4 Spotted chaser - minimum 10 (all checked were standard type)
Emperor - 1 male each, no swimming pond and new small scrapes. female type central marsh
Broad Bodied Chaser - 3 male on small scrapes
Common Darter - minimum 1 possibly 2
2 Cetti's singing
1 Grasshopper warbler reeling central marsh. First I've heard for a while, there are actual grasshoppers chirruping now, but this was definitely a warbler.
1 stoat
Later in am
5-6 male RV Darter plus a pair in cop then perhaps the same female on its own
Nice pic from John Wright later in afternoon:

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Brief gull check and a Shark

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Tomorrow looks good for Red-veined Darter as does most of the next week.  Please report all sightings (e.g. email and especially any definite females/ovipositing.  I'm assuming no Common out yet, certainly not mature red males, but need to be very careful, especially with female/tenerals

Very distant gull facing away was half to two-thirds the size of the nearby BHGs but it flew as I was switching to 40 x lens on scope and didn't see it again & had to go.  Suspect the definite small 2CY BHG of a few weeks ago?

The 2CY Med still around along with 67 2CY Common Gull

The moth trap has at least come up with a few scarcities and the whole set up might be sorted out next week:


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Unexpected day

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Started with a clear run through all the traffic lights on the Bay Coneway for the first time, then the sea looked a bit rough and a sweep produced a Gannet, so gave it a bit of unscheduled time before checking the Sunderland Point moth trap

Sea 0845ish to 0920ish
Gannet - 11
Fulmar - 1
Manx Shearwater - flock of 6
Med Gull - yesterdays 2CY seaward end Heysham one

Middleton NR
Lunchtime and early pm saw the temperature high enough, wall to wall sunshine and a few bits of shelter out of the wind for Malcolm and dragonfly recording but later in the afternoon the wind increased and the site became a no show as the forecast had suggested for the whole day

Red-veined Darter - two males and two female types or tenerals
also low single figures of Black-tailed Skimmer, Four-spotted Chaser (one eaten by an Emperor!), Broad-bodied Chaser and an interesting darter seen very briefly in the central marsh

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They survived in numbers

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No need to worry about the prolonged 'grounding' of red veined darters.    A single sweep from the seat saw nine males over the model boat pond with smaller counts including at least one almost certain additional insect over the next five minutes.   No time to check the western shore

On red nab there was a new 2cy med gull - a large individual with an unremarkable head pattern cf being lost amongst bhg and moulted greater coverts giving the folded wing a very 'plain' look for so early in the "autumn"

Heysham skeers held two common scoter in the channel, a small flock of Canada geese past and a build up of little egret.   Detail later