Cub Rescue!

It seems that whenever our Chair tries to have normal life events (birthdays, wedding anniversaries etc), or we have stretched resources (an event, a holidaying acting Incidents Officer) the badgers decide to throw in a curve ball. Last Thursday’s curve ball was a sick badger cub, found by a lovely chap on his land who was concerned enough to find us and get in touch. Jo went out and the cub was so flat she barely reacted to being picked up, apart from a couple of gentle huffs. Given a bit of dog food she did, however, attempt to eat.

A vet was swiftly identified who agreed to treat her and she was whisked down for an examination. At first it was thought she needed to be euthanised, but after a chat with Quantock Veterinary Practice, who are experts with badgers, she was put on antibiotics and a drip to see how she went overnight.

Eating well!

Eating well!

Fortunately she really picked up and we were then able to take her to Woodlands Animal Sanctuary in West Lancs with the hope that she would continue to improve. Once there she also saw their vet (from Rufford Veterinary Group), who provided a little more treatment and we are pleased to say that she has continued to recover in leaps and bounds since then, and is now a little too hot to handle!

We’d like to thank Woodlands for their ongoing care, and we hope to attempt a release back to her home territory as soon as possible, provided we are confident that she can find her way home. If we are not, we will work with other organisations to put her with other cubs for future release. We’d also like to thank Merseyside Naturalists Association for providing us with the equipment we needed to pick her up and transport her safely.  Hopefully we will very soon be able to use it again to get her back to her family.

If you would like to help us with a donation for her veterinary care please

Alternatively, we have an Amazon Wishlist for equipment for our rescue kits and we are always grateful for any items however small. The wishlist can be found here:

Amazon Badger Rescue Equipment List