We’re Past The Halfway Mark!

Lancashire Badger Group has embarked on a giant re-survey project of the setts we have on our database, well over 800 of them! As part of our 2017 Vision Plan, we set ourselves the target of updating all our records (as well as increasing our sett monitoring volunteers) – over time we have lost volunteers in certain areas and have been unable to cover them all. We know how important it is to keep up to date records, held centrally for a number of reasons;

1. We can hold an accurate and current picture of badgers across the county, allowing us to comment on strategic plans (with regard to development and planning) and also from a more scientific point of view, this can act as a springboard for research.

2. It allows us to provide accurate information to ecological consultants working for developers. This helps to protect setts from accidental destruction and allows the developer to take this information into account at the design stage. This service also brings in important income to the group.

3. We can use up to date records to support prosecution in wildlife crime cases. If we can prove a sett was active only a week before the crime was committed, the case is stronger for it. These records prove vital in court, where the defence is often that the sett was not active.

We’ve been out surveying in all weather and we’ve just gone over halfway (400 setts!). That’s a lot of hours survey, so a huge pat on the back and thank you to everyone involved!

If you would like to help with our big sett survey please get in touch via our enquiries line (0844707908) or volunteering@lancashirebadgergroup.org.uk