National Badger Day – 6th October

Leading naturalists and broadcasters from Chris Packham and Steve Backshall to Virginia Mckenna, Nigel Marven and Bill Oddie come together to celebrate National Badger Day on Tuesday 6 October

The Badger Trust is organising National Badger Day on Tuesday 6 October to celebrate and draw public attention to the badger, our largest surviving carnivore (and it loves worms), which has lived in the United Kingdom for over 400,000 years.

National Badger Day will see numerous events across the country aimed at drawing attention to the badger, its ecology and behaviour and how we must do more to protect the species from the many threats it faces in our countryside, towns and cities.

These will include local fund raising events for Badger Trust Groups, supporting badger patrols in the cull zones, lectures on badgers for adults and children, organised badger watches and articles in the media celebrating badgers.

In a specially commissioned film to promote National Badger Day, leading naturalists and broadcasters including Chris Packham, Steve Backshall, Bill Oddie, Nigel Marven and Virginia McKenna have spoken of their admiration and fondness for the badger and how we must do more to protect the species and its habitats in the future. The trailer can be viewed here.

Speaking in the film the following contributors said:

Chris Packham

“Caring about conservation is not enough. To make a difference we have to actually do something. I urge you to support National Badger Day.”

Steve Backshall

I’m absolutely smitten by badgers. Every time I see a badger it’s still a treasure and a precious moment.

“They are a fabulous animal and one that I absolutely adore and everyone in the British countryside should learn to love them.”

Bill Oddie

“They aren’t dangerous, they are beautiful and it is a privilege to see them.

“Badger Day events are going on around the country. I promise you if you turn up for National Badger Day you will have a good time, you’ll learn a bit too and you will be helping badgers.”


Virginia McKenna

“National Badger Day is a very important day. It’s wild animals that make the world so beautiful. I really hope you, as well as your schools and friends, will support it.”

Nigel Marven

“I’m supporting National Badger Day because badgers are beautiful and beguiling. I want young and old to realise that and see one in the wild for themselves, an encounter they will never forget.”

Link to film

Speaking about the importance of National Badger Day, Dominic Dyer, the CEO of the Badger Trust said:

“As we celebrate National Badger Day badgers are being killed in Gloucestershire, Somerset and Dorset in a desperate attempt to reduce the spread of bovine TB, despite all the evidence showing this policy is a disastrous failure on scientific, animal welfare and cost grounds.

“Badgers are one of our most important native species that have survived in our landscapes despite the constant threat of persecution, destruction of their habitats and death on our roads. It is time we recognised their value and importance to our eco system and celebrated their strength, beauty and resilience in the face of the many threats they encounter every day.”


Link to NBD website and list of events

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