Yarrow Valley Country Park

In conjunction with the Wild Flower Society the walk around Chorley's Yarrow Valley Country Park  led by Julie Clark and local guide Carol  was a perfect day.  The weather was fine and in contrast to so many of our trips we didn't have a drop of rain.

Our target species for the day was Green Figwort or Water Betony Scrophularia umbrosa and as we approached the end of our walk Carol was able to put us in exactly the right place to enjoy this sighting which was new to many members of the party.

During the walk around the Country Park, which I thought I knew well, Carol showed us parts that were completely new to me.

I didn't compare notes at the end of the day but I was able to record 93 species of flowers, sedges, ferns and grasses which included the rose sub species of Hogweed, Remote Sedge, Giant Horsetail, Zig Zag Clover, Twayblade, Skullcap, Marsh Ragwort, Pyramidal Orchid and Broad Leaved Helleborine.

The next walk on Saturday 18th of July will be led by Eric Greenwood and taking a look at the flora of the Wyre Way