Field Trip to Condor Green & Lancaster Canal

Our postponed Field Trip got off to a good start as 11 members of the Botany Group met up at the Condor Green car park to join our leader Eric Greenwood ably assisted by David Earl, Vice County Recorder for Lancashire VC 59 & 60.
Tyro botanists, such as myself, find it hugely beneficial to be in the company of such experienced and knowledgeable botanists as well as Sarah Stille, BSBI Vice County Recorder for Merioneth; Sheila Wynne, General Secretary of the Wildflower Society.
Leaving our cars well wrapped against the wind and with a promise of showers our first find on the edge of the marsh was Calystegia sepium Ssp Roseata which found in full bloom which is a rare occurrence I am told
We continued along the branch of the Lancaster Canal with occasional showers but enjoyed a picnic lunch in sunshine sheltered from the wind by one of the bridges.
Other finds included Common Hemp-nettle Galeopsis tetrhit  and Field Scabious Knautia arvensis.  All three finds were new to me though I am sure very familiar to other members of the party.
We were joined by a family group of Mute Swans who were obviously used to being fed  but had to resort to foraging amongst the Hemp Agrimony Eupatorium cannabinum.
This field trip was the last of the current season but we are very interested to hear your views on the future of the group; what type of activities would you like to take place? What sites would you like to visit? What training events would be useful to you? Would you be prepared to lead a field trip to your favourite patch?

Please tell us what you think so that we can include your ideas into our next year's programme. You can reply using the contact form.