The Birds are busy.

Yesterday morning we got up to pandemonium in the garden, alarm calls and scufflings, I've never seen so many Blackbirds and their young together at one time. The problem was a stoat after the young black birds that seemed to draw every available bird in the vicinity to the defence, I was surprised at the bravery of the Dunnock. Failing to make a kill on the ground the stoat took to the beech hedge methodically going up and down checking every bit for nests, then through the rhubarb. At this point I thought that the young blackbirds in the nest in the ivy above the rhubarb stood very little chance but they survived for another day.
 We seem to have a few more swallows nesting this year and the weather is good for them.
Now that the Canada Geese have gone the Greylags are back on the lake with their young, the "goose wars" have been quite fierce, the Greylag have to settle for the ponds and scrapes while the Canadas are here.
It was such a lovely evening we went for a walk down the fields and through the woods, we saw the Barn Owl fly out of the box, a calm night for hunting.
This morning all is calm in the garden.