Belated, Happy New Year

A very belated Happy New Year from Bleasdale Cottages. I've been bogged down with paper work recently especially getting every thing off for the next stage of The Visit England Awards; now that's all done I'll have a catch up with what's going on out in the fresh air!
I am surprised we still have lots of berries on the holly at the bottom of the garden. The Mistle thrushes have been guarding them fiercely, they chase the Blackbirds off every day.
In the fields here we are seeing much bigger groups of Starlings than in recent years, the noise they make when feeding is very loud and then as they all take off together it sounds like an explosion. If you catch sight of them making their patterns in the sky... it's lovely to watch, but if you leave your washing out and they fly over... it's time to do it again!!
Just this morning we caught sight of a stoat in the garden but it wasn't wearing it's more usual coat; it was mostly white. I hope that doesn't mean we can expect lots of snow to come.