Owl Box – second time around

After a successful Summer for the Barn Owls and with the young having flown away to find their own territory it seemed like the best time to do repairs to the box.... So on Saturday morning we set out with tools, materials and ladders to get the job done. As we got everything in place , out flew the owl and as the ladder was put in place, out flew another.
Opening the hinged flap we found a deep pile of material and pellets so the first job was to clean it out. As soon as we got it cleaned out, the bottom fell out and then the whole thing collapsed!!!
We had to do something QUICKLY. " Scrap Heap Challenge"??
After searching through the buildings our best option was a redundant water tank with lid.
Robert cut a wooden perching shelf for the inside and a ledge for below the entrance and away we went to get it fixed back on the pole. It was quite a struggle getting it secured, we hope they approve of their new home.