New patch tick at Stags Lodge, Cuerden Valley Park – May 2014

I was wandering back home through Stags Lodge after a few hours out with the camera last month when I stood on the bridge over the River Lostock and thought 'what a great site for a Dipper' but not having seen one on this stretch (I have seen a breeding pair further up the Lostock in CVP grounds) I put the thought to bed and continued my trek home following the Lostock down stream. Having a quick stop to see if there were any Banded Demoiselle about I came across a preening Dipper! I stopped and watched it for about 10 minutes taking a few poor photos (still getting to grips with the new camera) in the light and shade. The Dipper moved down stream and I've subsequently seen it in 4 locations along the stretch of the Lostock between Church Walk Woods (Bamber Bridge) and Stags Lodge. I believe there is only a single bird and I've seen it on at least 4 visits in the past month so I think it is settled in the area for now.

 Above & below taken on the River Lostock, Stags Lodge

 Below feeding in the River Lostock taken on the stretch in Church Walk Woods