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Little Tern is a welcome addition to year list

Well we may have somehow managed to miss Sabine's Gull (but tomorrow am?), despite nearby birds and the attraction of the outfalls, but a belated addition to the year list we managed to miss in its usual spring slot was very welcome (thanks to Jon and Kevin)

Little Tern - juv seaward end Heysham one early morning
Little Gull - ad
Leach's Petrel - presumably tired bird flushed from the sea by a ferry, meandered about for a few seconds, then re-landed (by green buoy).  Surprised the gulls had not found it
Common Tern - juv
Kittiwake - 3 x 1CY, one adult plus two other 1CY out
Sandwich tern - 3
Med Gull - 20+

More to come hopefully