Unfinished Business

An excellent day on the Ribble – an early start, a few migrants, re-found the Brant and some good company.

Started early on the golf course and sand plant which were pretty quiet apart from the newly arrived Willows, Blackcaps and Chiffs. The sand plant had a nice pair of Ringed Plover, a Sprawk and the start of what became a huge movement of White Wags. Ruff continue to don their summer garb.

Really, I was killing time to start the search for the presumed Grey-bellied Brant I found last week. The poor images and limited views felt like unfinished business so that was the main priority of the day. Crossens Outer had the resident 2 Barnacles, but nothing else so I moved on to Banks.

After a couple of scans, I picked up the Brant distantly towards Hesketh Out Marsh so set off down the bank for closer views. The bird showed well in much better light and I managed some reasonable shots. Also 4 more Barnacles, 10,000 Pinks inc. at least 8 neck/sat collars.

I watched the bird for over 2 hours and was joined by Pete Kinsella and Mark Nightingale late morning. Having noted all the features of the birds, we decided to try the Hesketh fields for Yellow Wags as there was a very large number of White Wags on the outer marsh.

Almost straight away we picked up 2 birds flying over our heads and then a further bird in a ploughed field – they are simply stunning and the Spring’s first always surprises me with its intense colour.

A fox bounded through whilst watching the Wagtails and a few butterflies were on the wing – Small Tort and Peacock


Rounded the day off with another look at Crossens Outer and Mark picked up a nice Russian Whitefront in the several thousand Pinks – great end to a fantastic day.