Polly’s puddle

A quick visit to Marshside before work, and the site is now very dry with Polly’s reduced to just a puddle in the far corner. There were 1,000 Dunlin on there on Friday morning, none today!

The waders have been pushed on to the pools by Sandgrounders where 300+ Dunlin were feeding. The flock held single figure numbers of juvs and 2 birds in non-breeding plumage (why do all of these grey birds look large and long billed? Is it an illusion or a ssp difference?).

IMG_8719 (Copy)

In with the Dunlin was a newly arrived full breeding plumage Spotted Red. It kept its head in most of the time, but briefly popped its bill out for a preen – I can’t really ever see enough of these, they’re great!

IMG_8675 (Copy)

IMG_8710 (Copy)

Also creeping around in the mud were several young Redshank and Avocet of various ages and a Common Sand.

Got to be a good chance of a Pec Sand or something here soon as there’s no water anywhere else….