The Ring Reading Problem.

Another ring reading problem has surfaced, this time with a bird seen to follow the Heysham Mediterranean Gull seen recently. 

Even though this excellent in flight image of the Bar-tailed Godwit was achieved, unfortunately what appears to be a yellow ring on the tibia of the birds right leg, is in fact thought to be a yellow flag with a three letter inscription to give the birds identity, but hidden from view on the blind side in this brief fly by.

The bird originates from the Norwegian Bar-tailed Godwit Ringing Project, and without the 'missing' details from this sighting, the bird cannot be identified as an individual from this project. How frustrating....better luck next time.


The Red Darvic ringed Mediterranean Gull seen at Heysham recently, was another good example of the problems of ring reading, which have to be complete and accurate, otherwise there's nothing conclusive gained in finding the bird in the first place.

The details of the BTG sighting went to Norway, and to Ireland.  I have already expressed my gratitude to those who helped me with details, but thanks again to everyone.