Blog Post: 2020 – A vision for Arctic terns at Hesketh Out Marsh

Keen eyed visitors will have spotted the ' One Wing Amongst Many ' sculpture that has appeared on the cross bank between Hesketh Out Marsh West and East. The skyline breaking wing stands to thank FCC Communities Foundation for supporting our work on the realignment of the East wing of Hesketrh Out Marsh. If the sculpture seems familiar, you may have seen the rest of the set one the Fairhaven Discovery Trail, near the Ribble Discovery Centre . This is the first wing of many to make it to this side of the Ribble Estuary. The sculpture silhouettes an Arctic tern against sky, and is the highest point in a surprisingly large area. Photo Credit: WesDavies Photo Credit: WesDavies Arctic terns , a scarce bird in the North West UK, were once common on the Ribble Estuary. Unfortunately, land use changes, influxes of other spices and changes in the meta population led to their decline. Our work at Hesketh, has started to improve their fortunes. Firstly with the creation of new habitat ( the realignment ) and latterly with the creation of bespoke nest sites. These tailored sites, are in the form of both floating rafts and shallow banks of cockleshell. Several families of terns quickly utilised the rafts and banks, as well as a few rouge pairs making their own way. Photo Credit: WesDavies Photo Credit: WesDavies Most pairs so far have been successful, and when they return this year they will find further safer spots within the shadow of 'one wing amongst many'.