Heysham welcomes back Canadian visitors

Pale-bellied Brent geese - they started arriving from west into the SE corner of Heysham skeer at 08:50.
First these 10

By 09:10 they had been joined by 12 more

And by 09:55, 26 were moving in with the tide towards rocks in front of children's play area.

By 11:10, all 26 had moved to Red Nab - these 24 together on water, plus 2 feeding separately on rocks.

These eventually started feeding on margins revealing two of them to be the Canadian ringed birds seen here last spring.
Ringed birds not on this picture

This is one of them

Also on skeer
Great-Crested Grebe 8
Red-Brested Merganser 1
Plus lots of Knot!

Also on Red Nab
Red-Brested Merganser 3
Plus lots of Wigeon

Hopefully more later