Brent Return.

The Brent Geese made a return to Heysham on 7 January when the first sighting was of 17 seen off Knowleys Road, they were feeding in an area they have returned to for a third winter. By Monday the number had risen to 26 Brent Geese at Heysham....Clik the piks.

Brent Geese Red Nab Heysham 13 Jan Malcolm Downham

I was keen to see if the birds were still present yesterday, and as I was in the area I decided to go to Knowleys Road to find 6 Brent Geese on the incoming tide off the children's play area.

Mediterranean Gull 15 January. Pete Woodruff. 

A Mediterranean Gull was also seen from this viewpoint, initially on the shore, then went on a nearby inland field.

Thanks to Malcolm for the use of his image of the Brent Geese, much appreciated.