The Stalker.

I note the Purple Heron is still at Eagland Hill this Sunday morning, though to be honest I was fearing the worst for this bird. Having seen some literature indicating some unrest about it's presence there by the natives, and the 'twitchers' becoming an increasing nuisance for this quiet but very busy and extensive farming community. This culminating in a report of the bird having an injured and bleeding leg on 20 January....Mmmmm!  

Birding is a serious business, but it doesn't always have to be that way, so here's something of a lighter look at it....

Two videos I made of the Purple Heron at Eagland Hill, stitched together with sound added. This is a way around the limit of 100mb for uploading films on to Birds2blog. Link to The Stalker 


Perhaps the link above doesn't work without the inconvenience of applying for permission. This 50 second video is shorter and is within the 100mb limit for uploading.