Grebes…Courting and Fishing

This week I returned to watch the great crested grebes at a local nature reserve.The weather had at last settled down and it was more like Spring.The storms had gone away and conditions were calm as I arrived with camera at the ready.Ten minutes down the track and I was watching the pair of grebes performing their head shaking display.Later I found the pair fishing in a secluded little bay.

The next half hour or so proved very exciting as both grebes were successful in catching pike.It was great action for the camera and you can see the results below.A couple of other photographers arrived but just too late to see the action.A case of you should have been here five minutes ago !! I then moved on to another part of the reserve to see what was about.Again it was good with goosanders goldeneye and cormorants.Images of these may be posted later.I then returned to the main lake to find the grebes were still fishing where I had left them.

Once more they performed for me and again you can see the results in images 10-15 below.All in all it had been an excellent session with these lovely birds and I hope to return soon when the grebes may possibly be nesting and I look forward to seeing the grebe chicks eventually.Thanks for looking in and I will be back soon.Next week it may be a visit to the coast as high tides are due.!!