Saturday 14th March 2020 - Taylors Fields, Vicarage Ln, Burton In Kendal. 0630-0830hrs

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Crossbills (chicks in late December etc)

Wind: SE 10-25mph (I would guess 15mph for most of the time, and difficult for birds flying into and also the Mipits flying side on with a tail wind), 5c, 0.1mm with regular off/on every 30 minutes showers lasting for 5 minute periods, 100% Cloud and 1010mb pressure. Chaffinch movement SE and Meadow Pipit movement N

First proper watch and the first Springwatch from this particular hotspot.  I guess the main question for me has always got to be "why on earth do the Chaffinch and other finches and Skylarks always go South East on a Spring migration?" This was the direction they headed out during Autumn and they seem to be doing the same for the Spring migration as well...... Well at least the Meadow Pipits are behaving themselves and coming through heading to the North.. also odd Albas and Linnets.

Chaffinch: 116 (104SE, 6W,6S) Mainly singles or pairs but also 8,6,6,5,6,8,11,5,5

Alba Wagtail: 12 SE (plus about 20 messing about on muck piles)
Linnets: 118 SE (35W) 25,3,35,35,40,15.
Siskin: 4 E
Meadow Pipit: 20 N (2,2,3,3,1,2,1,2,1,1,2)
Skylark: 16 SE (5,1,2,4,1,3)
Redwing: 4 E


Green Woodpecker yaffling - local
Great Spotted Woodpecker - drumming and local
Starling: 82 E (ex roost from 0644hrs other than a 25 all single figer groups - presume roost diminishing quickly now...)
Black Headed Gull: 53 and probably more - not serious counting to E (local feeding)
Lapwing: 4 - 2 breeding pairs and noisy.