Watching the sky

Another week of lockdown under the belt, and I don’t think I’ve ever looked at the same view so much in my life – I’m lucky though, it’s not a bad one.


Garden highlights this week were a fly through Osprey on Tuesday, the Scoterfest on Thursday and Friday, Tawny Owls calling whilst the Scoters poured over, hunting Barn Owl, and a couple of tidy Stock Doves.

Turn it up loud for this – they’re there, I promise!

The shared joy as many birders across the country connected with these birds as they flew across country from their Irish Sea wintering grounds to the North Sea and beyond was superb – great to see the news services joining in too.

An early morning visit to nearby Longton Marsh today was rewarded with another fly through Osprey (cue more terrible record shots).

Also there were my first 3 Wheatear of the year – 3 superb males all following each other around on the slopes of the old landfill.

Some great waders, with equally great calls and songs were busy feeding.

It’s funny how when the variety is not there, you find delight in the common – I watched the many Skylark pairs for about half an hour and it was great. I really enjoyed the tail up courtship thing they do on the ground, whilst above, their song was belting out everywhere I went.

Keep watching the sky………