Snippets of Wealth (from 9th April 2020) and on

Northern Greenland Wheatear (Oenanthe o. leucorrhoa)
Crossbills (chicks in late December etc)

Top: Primrose, Middle: Bluebell Bottom: Blue Moor Grass

Sir Lancelot  -  (8th April 2020)

Exercise by Lancelot's side
without a sword of fire!
for here lies the best, the very best,
his offering lands to bear.....

Which today my applaud, dear Lance,
with Clarky and Miss A Note too,
Your knights have travelled the night,
to seven as bold as told.

(7 Chiffchaffs arrived recently)

And now a confusion of Warblers sing,
with four to heed the chase in conifer flutter and craze,
As bold as will our Sylviidae to wrench another fall,
With six as plaintive a bouquet can be.

(6 Willow Warblers arrived recently)

Blazen and bold the quickening Blackcap told,
Of his travels from distant lands
His search to find his Browncap mate,
in haste, for his race is on

(2 Blackcaps arrived recently)

Other Knights were gathering all around
to prepare their battles with coloured beauty (pageant),
with lots of elevated cascading chase,
included Clan Peacock, Smalltort, and,
old battle torn Comma as well.

(Peacock (3), Small Tortoiseshell (3) and Comma (3)

Within old Pickles, his floor will soon Bluebell,
along with Anemone and Woodruff, but today
belonged to Paris with such "Herb" around...
Her compatriate of Moschatel sits close as well...

(Herb Paris)

In other conquering fields nearby,
were Primrose shone her best,
And just occasional Bluebell,
and Stitchwort came with the rest.

Ramsons (soon), Cinquefoil (rosette),
Dark Red Helleborine Orchid (Rosette)
and more dear Sir.........