Staying at Home

This is the instruction for everyone to stay at home during the outbreak of Coronavirus.The virus is sweeping the world and taking a heavy toll of human life.Yesterday in the UK almost one thousand people lost their lives to the killer virus.We all have to do our bit to curb the spread of the virus by staying at home and only going out for essential food supplies and medicines.

For the last two weeks or so I have kept busy in the garden.My back garden (Jungle ) has been neglected for a few years as I have not been fit enough following hip surgery to do the work.This staying at home has been a good thing for me as I am now up to physical work and the wonderful warm and sunny weather has helped.I am showing below some images of me and my wonderful assistant " Mitch " grafting in my back garden.Mitch loves me being around through the day and even climbs ladders to help as you will see below.

The good weather continues as I write this on Easter Saturday and most people are obeying the instructions to stay at home to control the spread of this dreadful coronavirus.I am unable to get out and capture the arrival of Spring with the camera and will have to be very patient before things hopefully return to some kind of normality.Thanks for looking in and above all stay at home,stay safe, and think about all the nurses,doctors and carers working on the front line and fighting the virus.