This Isolation Thing!

On the one hand, this isolation thing is like the end of the world for me, with watching life pass by from the living room window, and not a bird in sight, well not many. On the other hand, to contradict, I'm really quite enjoying it, having made myself comfortable on a chair in the garden, staked out with a camera, a tasty egg and tomato sandwich, and a cup of tea. KT is ruining me, spoiling me rotten, I'm beyond redemption, but....I'd sooner be birding. 

Female Blackbird. Pete Woodruff. Clik the pik

We have two pairs of breeding Blackbird in or around our garden, one of the females put in an appearance to take a few stabs at the apple which they love.


According to evidence in this image, I reckon it looks like we also have breeding Dunnock in our garden this year too....unless this one is a vegetarian!

Images are still coming to my inbox, and thanks to Howard for the new header Skylark. It nudged my memory to remind me that it's 4 weeks since my last visit to Cockersand, where I saw and heard the Skylark and it's unmistakable and seemingly endless flight song.

Spring was in the air at Cockersand on 12 March....literally, and listening to the song is perfect therapy and lifts the spirit.

We're all in this together....TAKE CARE STAY HOME.