And now for the worst TV advert of 2020. 

Why is this woman talking about Cuckoos from her childhood when the bird song in the advert is a Chiffchaff that sounds nothing like a Cuckoo?

Come on Nationwide, don’t take us all for mugs. At least dub the sound of a Cuckoo over the film and tell us about your savings accounts instead of virtue signalling about coronavirus.
Nationwide Building Society is a mutual building society, also known as a ‘mutual’. Put simply it means the society is owned and run for the benefit of their members.

Their Chief Executive Joe Garner was paid a total of £2.37 million in 2019 and he would like you to put your hard earned cash into a Nationwide ISA account that pays out the magnificent sum of 0.5% interest. That’s right, put £100 into their fixed one year ISA and you will receive a whole 50p in interest.
Now that is cuckoo.