Bowland..Owls..Barn Owls

On my recent visits to Bowland I have been treated to views of four species of owls. Barn Owl,Short Eared Owl,Tawny Owl and Little Owl.This posting is about the Barn Owl.The location I have visited is moorland with rough grassland and many stone walls and fences where the owls can perch as they look and listen for the voles which seem to be in good numbers.There are also dilapidated farm buildings where the owls will have their nests and young.

I have shown below some images of the barn owls hunting the moorland and perching on some of the many stone walls surrounding the area.I wasn't able to get good close images but I am reasonably pleased with the results.I will be visiting the area again probably early mornings next week and hopefully return with more images.Meantime take care and keep safe and thanks for looking in.