Bowland..Owls..Tawny Owl

To complete my collection of owl images from recent trips into Bowland I am now showing some of a very obliging Tawny Owl.The Tawny Owl is mainly nocturnal and is not often seen during daylight hours.However at this time of the year the sun is up early and the tawny owl is still out and about.This particular individual shown below was in fact enjoying the warmth of the sun as it perched on roadside walls and fences.

I think it is a lighter phase bird compared to a darker rufous phase but I am not sure and need to consult a local expert on bird identification.However it was a wonderful experience and I took many images on the two occasions I saw the bird.I also saw a darker bird and I will publish more images at a later date.Meantime thanks for looking in and stay safe and well.