Bowland..A Deer and a Barn Owl

This week I had another early morning foray into Bowland.This week the weather has been warm and muggy.On reaching my usual location I found that visibility was very poor and definitely I was not able to use the camera.So I decided to head for another area at a lower elevation.The visibility was much better but still misty.Not long after driving a short distance I saw a hunting barn owl close to the road which obligingly perched on a roadside fence post.Obviously the camera was kept busy for a few minutes before the barn owl departed.Within another few minutes I spotted a roe deer on the road a few hundred yards in front.

The deer was eating some roadside vegetation and was not too bothered by my careful and cautious approach but this changed dramatically with the approach of a car from the opposite direction.The deer panicked and crossed the road trying to find a way out.The roadside walls and gates were too high and the female roe deer was very uneasy.Fortunately the oncoming driver had stopped and eventually managed to drive slowly past the deer.I then later followed the deer down the road until it found a way out jumping over a low section of wall into a nearby meadow.So alls well that ends well and I hope you enjoy my images from the memorable encounter

Thanks for looking in and I will be back to Bowland next week for more wildlife encounters.Stay safe and well.