Bowland.Summer Solstice 2020

I was keen to get out to Bowland again on the longest day of the year.I was away by 4.30am to arrive at my preferred location in around one hour.It was to be a beautiful morning with blue skies and warm sun.The owls in particular were very active hunting the moorland to feed their youngsters.Barn owls and Short eared owls were busy returning with voles they had caught.I was presented with many opportunities for action shots but it is never easy to capture the perfect flight shot.I am though well pleased with the shots below which have I hope captured this wonderful morning in Bowland.

There were a couple of other photographers present and we all enjoyed the action and beautiful weather on this Midsummer's Day.I hope you enjoy my efforts below and thanks for looking in.Take care and keep safe and hopefully I will be back soon with more from this wonderful part of Lancashire.