In my recent early morning trips into Bowland I have been fortunate in seeing Roe Deer and Sika Deer.I have found early morning to be the best time to see Deer as they vanish after seven am as the world wakes up.They are difficult photographic subjects as they hear and see you long before you see them and they disappear back into nearby woodland usually at speed.Now and again you may be lucky and quick reactions with the camera may allow you a shot or two.

I have seen roe deer on most early mornings and sika deer a couple of times.Roe Deer are the ones you will most likely see and sightings of Sika Deer are uncommon.I hope you enjoy my selection of images below.The Sika are the spotted ones and have become well established in certain parts of Bowland.Currently the weather is still very unsettled and I hope to return to the wilds of Bowland later this week when hopefully Summer returns.Meantime thanks for looking in and stay safe.