Swift Departure and Recent Sightings…

 I think it's fair to say that we've had a mixed week weather-wise! Some days have been very pleasant and mild while others have blighted us with persistent rain. In fact the water levels have risen so dramatically that the wardening team have had to postpone some major management work out in the reedbed. Hopefully we'll get enough dry days in the near future to see the levels drop and we'll be able to reinstate the postponed jobs. Also, as the pools recede it will provide some enticing muddy edges for waders such as snipe, black-tailed godwit, green sandpiper and redshank to drop onto, often providing a late summer spectacle from the hides. 

Talking of spectacles, the past week has seen significant numbers of swifts feeding around the reserve. On some days flocks of several hundred could be see as they swept over the reedbeds and meres, often at eye-level, feeding on flying insects. Quite a sight!

These birds will likely be departing any day, as they are one of the earliest of our summer migrants to head back to Africa. It would appear that summer is truly coming to an end.

Swift photo by Chris Gomersall rspb-images.com

In other news, visitors have been reporting lots of sightings of red and roe deer from various points around the reserve. The 9 meter-high Skytower, does provide spectacular views across the site and deer can often be spotted from there so it's well worth scanning the reeds for signs of these large animals.

 Otherwise, it's pretty much business as usual and we are continuing to see a build up in wildfowl. Causeway Hide and Lilian's Hide are both great places to see a selection of ducks, many of which are in their 'eclipse' plumage making identification challenging but fun. Look out for pochard, tufted duck, teal, gadwall, mallard and shoveler - be mindful that other less common species, might just appear at this time too.

Mallard photo by Chris Gomersall rspb-images.com

The marsh harriers continue to roam around the reedbed and we have had regular, if erratic, sightings of osprey and hobby in recent days.

There are plenty of butterflies and dragonflies on the wing, especially on warmer days, and if the birding's a little quiet in the afternoons these provide a fascinating and welcome distraction.

If you're visiting us, don't forget to let us know what you've seen - it really helps us build up a better picture of what's around. Thanks!