Back In Business.

Monday was too good a day to miss. The weather can be good during September, but maybe we won't get another day quite as nice as Monday again this year.

Painted Lady. Pete Woodruff.

So I did a circuit Glasson - Conder Green - Glasson along the canal towpath, a pretty good idea if only because finding this Painted Lady at Scalestone Pond, puts me amongst a small band of butterfly enthusiasts having done so this summer, with just ten records found on the Butterfly Conservation Lancashire Branch website over three months since the end of May, also here 2 Silver Y moths.

Migrant Hawker. Pete Woodruff. 

Along the towpath, I found this female Migrant Hawker, obligingly it came to rest on the hedgerow, also seen 6 Brown Hawker.

I had a look in on Conder Pool to see if any high tide roosters had taken up there, to find 6 Greenshank, a lone adult Avocet, and Common Sandpiper. Probably saw up to 80 Swallow on the circuit, and a few House Martin still around the renamed and now called Greenfinch Cafe. At least 40 Small Tortoiseshell and a Red Admiral seen.

Thirty seven seconds of a never still and busy Silver Y moth at Saltcote Pond.