Tuesday September 1st 2020 – Checking out Gentians on East side (near Trig Point), and also checking out Holly Ferns

 More Autumn Gentian photos (2020) can be seen here

Northern Greenland Wheatear (Oenanthe o. leucorrhoa)
Crossbills (chicks in late December etc)

Tuesday September 1st 2020 - Hutton Roof Common

I checked out the regular spots for the Autumn Gentian and it was very poor, eg: only 3 plants (1 classic purple and 2 of the white form). In the past I would have had around 30 from the same area.

Decided to go over and check out the Holly Ferns, but just as I was leaving one pavement down the steep banking I was lucky to find a few Sneezewort (achillea ptarmica) - always reminds me of "ptarmigan" the grouse type bird. It must be 5 years since I last found some Sneezewort on Hutton Roof, it just seems to turn up out of the blue. Here is a couple of photos, the leaves remind me so much of Betony.



Both Holly Fern 1 and Holly Fern 2 are both doing well, but they are like small versions of themselves, this year. On my way back home I bumped into Alec and told him about the size of the Hollies and he remarked he was not surprised and showed me a specimen outside of the house and this also was stunted compared to its norm!  I wonder if its the same old story, not enough water and too much heat at the wrong times, makes you wonder.

So here we have Holly Fern 2 which as always come up with a couple of fronds belonging to the "Aculeatum". Its the same every year, but the Aculeatum tends to move about sometimes the fronds may be on the left and sometimes on the right. Its strange to see both Aculeatum and Lonchitis coming out of the same root stock.

Holly Fern 2 had 10 fronds (the norm) this year which the average frond measured approx 8" x 1 1/2" wide. 

Holly Fern No. 2
Holly Fern No. 2
Holly Fern No. 2

And now I checked out Holly Fern No. 1 and that although still on the small side was doing OK.

Holly Fern No. 1 had 9 fronds (which is the norm) which measured approx 10" or 11" and at best 2" wide.

Holly Fern No.1
Holly Fern No. 1