Hawker Hunt.

When I looked through my records, by coincidence I had chosen the same date as last year for a saunter along the canal towpath Glasson Dock - Galgate yesterday. Having walked an extra 2 miles this time, I didn't even equal let alone exceeded the same 54 Migrant Hawker seen on 19 September 2019.

On this pleasant saunter, the dragonflies seen, 24 Migrant Hawker, 4 Emperor Dragonfly, 3 Brown Hawker and 2 Common Darter.

Green-veined White
Butterflies were sparse, with singles of Green-veined WhiteCommaSpeckled Wood, Small Tortoiseshell, and 2 Silver Y moths.


Until I saw it on my computer, I had no idea the Comma that took off the instant I pressed the shutter, had resulted in this creative image. 

Tipula oleracea

The Crane-Fly caught my eye.
Birds of any note were also sparse, but a Chiffchaff was singing nicely by Christ Church at Glasson Dock....