Stonechat Revival.

Yes....the Stonechat takes centre stage on B2B once again.

The last time I visited Birk Bank for any chance of seeing Stonechat or anything else, was on 22 June 2018. But last week I was on Birk Bank and well chuffed to find 14 Stonechat.

Over four birding days at four locations in as many weeks in Bowland, I've found 55 Stonechat

Aug 26 Caton Moor (18)

Sept 1 Harrisend Fell (15)

Sept 14 Hawthornthwaite Fell (8)

Sept 21 Birk Bank (14) 

This number reaches a Stonechat milestone for me, and if the figures in this sample are anything to go by, they appear to support the claim in a report I read recently, that the recovery of the Stonechat since its demise during the harsh winters of 2009/10 and 2010/11, has reached a healthy level once again in all seasons in Lancashire. A welcome return to the peak of 15 years ago....MAGIC

Common Darter Birk Bank 21 September

Black Darter Birk Bank 21 September

Other notes on this Stonechat mission....I found Common Darter and 3 Black Darter over the bog and basking on the boardwalk as in these images. I was a little disappointed not to have seen the Keeled Skimmer here again this visit, despite the most abundant flight period being past by the end of August, given the right conditions their flight season can be into November

Birds noted, 3 Buzzard soaring overhead, 5 Red Grouse, 5 Meadow Pipit, with a 'few' House Martin and Swallow south.

One of our female garden Blackbirds in moult, looking a little worse for wear and going bold. Pleased it wasn't caught out by the Sparrowhawk seen in our garden earlier.

Beware....This video may cause you to feel sea-sick, not easy to hand hold a digital camera at 20x optical zoom and make a film.