Starlings and a Barn Owl

Last week despite the very wet and stormy weather I did manage to get out with the camera.My main objective were the whooper swans and pinkfoot geese that had arrived to spend the winter months in Lancashire.My favourite area to see them is in the Pilling area.Eagland Hill is a favoured spot and I concentrated my efforts in that area.I did obtain some excellent images of the swans and geese but this post is about the thousands of starlings feeding on the farmland and a visit to a local barn owl.

The numbers of starlings present was staggering and my images don't really do justice to the amazing spectacle.I cant even guess at the numbers present but many many thousands.This is a favourite area to see starlings feeding before moving to their roosting locations at Blackpool.On the way home I called at a local barn owl spot to find one bird out hunting which posed nicely for me on a farm gate.It had been an exciting afternoon with the starlings and swans and geese the images of which I wii post later.Thanks for looking in and I will be back soon.