Better than expected, but not by much!

Still quite a strong SSW wind, a few light showers but mainly dry.

Today was one of those days, when you feel you could walk around all day and see nothing. Then I realised, that is nonsense! There is lots to see, perhaps not rare or unusual, but I don't go for a daily walk to find the unusual, I go because I enjoy all nature (MD)

Ben my Chree followers at midday
Kittiwake - 2 adult
Med Gull - ad seemed to appear from within harbour (Fishers roof?)

Just my stuff from the south shore so far, mid morning towards high water.
Rock Pipit 3
Linnet 22
Ringed Plover 18
Dunlin 2
These are some of the plover plus the 2 Dunlin
I was wondering why the small waders were so mobile today. Then a female type Merlin provided the answer when it whooshed past me. It was actually below me along the foreshore, so I only saw its back, and much to quick to get a picture.

Jack Snipe 1 - strangely no Common Snipe, perhaps the Merlin had already flushed them.

Wigeon c150
They were well spread, but driven close in by the wind. A good proportion of them are on this video. Unfortunately, the wind drowned out most of their calls.

Spot the Mallard