A Family Visit

What to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon? 

OK.  I own up Boris. I broke the lockdown rules, snuck onto an aircraft at Manchester Airport and paid a visit to old friends, the Family Hoopoe who live in Menorca, the Balearics, Spain. 

The Hoopoe is a firm favourite with birders, toggers and even Joe Public who normally hates birds but will break off from his DIY or walking the dog to look at a Hoopoe. 

For a good few years a pair of Hoopoes nested in the very same spot along a quiet roadside of Menorca. All photos were taken in the month of May from a car window while the 28 degrees sun beat down. The family became good friends of mine and no Hoopoes were harmed in the taking of these pictures. 

The below is a compilation of visits over three seasons. Click the pics for close-ups of the family fun. 

Enjoy the family visit while you can folks. The Government is just following orders and expects you to do the same.


Back soon from my trip to Spain. There's local news and views in a day or two from Another Bird Blog.