It has been another mixed week weatherwise with mostly dull and gloomy though dry days.Monday however was different with blue skies and strong winter sunshine.The perfect recipe for me to head off to Cockerham and Pilling again to see what was about.The first stop was down near the abbey at Cockerham.Here the main flock of whooper swans had moved to the fields near Lighthouse Cottage,apparently disturbed and moved by the farmer from their previous location.The 350 swans looked very nice in the sunshine.Also looking splendid were a pair of stonechats feeding in the set aside area close to Lighthouse cottage.From time to time they perched on fence posts and obligingly posed for me showing off their colourful winter plumage.

I then moved on to Pilling looking for geese and found a large but distant flock and I stopped to take many images as many more pinkfeet were arriving from the north.I wasn't able to get any closer but still managed a few flight shots of the geese.My final port of call was to Eagland Hill where a nice group of around 30 whooper swans were feeding in the wet fields.They were nicely lit by the afternoon sun and made for some nice images.

Hope you enjoy the latest selection and I will be out again soon if we get some decent weather.In the meantime stay safe and thanks for looking in.