Rantin’ & Ravin’.

Golden Plover.

Britain and Ireland's population of c.23,000 Golden Plover pairs, lie at the southern edge of their breeding range, they nest essentially on moorland, moving to coastal grassland and saltmarshes in autumn. 

Golden Plover. Pete Woodruff.

I've ranted on a couple of times recently on B2B, about the absence of Golden Plover (GP) on the Lune Estuary this winter, the best counts I've seen recorded on the estuary are 1,400 Gon two occasions. The peak for 2019 was a WeBS count of 3,952 GP in January, 3,712 being on the Lune Estuary. These are the kind of numbers I could easily find in winter, particularly in the fields at Cockersand and on the estuary at Glasson.

I note the Morecambe Bay WeBS count for January 2019, was 4,382 Golden Plover. Also worth noting, the high proportion of the total population of Golden Plover occurs on the Lune Estuary. So where have the Lune Estuary birds been this winter? Well at least 1,000 Golden Plover were back in the uplands on High Cross Moor in Bowland on Saturday 13 March, with a pair seen on Grit Fell, and two on Ward's Stone 18 March.

Black-tailed Godwit.