Portland Bill Obs.


Some notes of interest at/around Portland Bill Obs during March, indicating that the spring migration has yet to take off.

1 March. A tiny trickle of Meadow Pipit.

3 March. Single Chiffchaff.

4 March. 3 Wheatear.

8 March. A very interesting note on the Firecrest....

Sad to relate, as far as we know today's Firecrest was the first one seen on the island this year. We've never been any the wiser as to what it was that triggered the extraordinary and record-breaking fall of 150 Faircrest's on 15th October 2017 but that event seems to have begun an inexorable decline that's seen the species reach getting on for semi-scarcity status at Portland, culminating in last year's Bill bird-day total and Obs ringing tally both being among the lowest ever and this winter's complete absence being, as far as we can remember, pretty well unprecedented © Martin Cade/Erin Taylor

12 March. Long-tailed Skua off Chesil was a major surprise for the time of year.

14 March. A Swallow at Southwell, and a Sandwich Tern at Ferrybridge were both firsts of the spring.  

22 March. No double figures of Wheatear have arrived yet. The first Willow Warbler of the year was seen, though conversely, a count of c.100 Chiffchaff was made. 

We can keep up to date on the comings at and around Portland Bill Obs to give some idea of what we can expect to see up'tnorth in the coming weeks in the B2B right hand sidebar.