Icy Easter wind – nice day for a swim!

The wind started almost due north then drifted towards NNW. A light snow shower first light, then mainly sunny all day. Even so the icy wind made it cold anywhere that wasn't sheltered.

South shore
Wheatear 1 male in the lee of the north bank of the saltmarsh.
Rock Pipits - at least 2. Early on there was one on Red Nab, but no sign of any along the exposed inner harbour wall. I believe the bird below is the territorial male from the lighthouse area. It was sheltering behind the very end of the sea wall, but high enough to be able to see the lighthouse.
Rock Pipit sheltering just below the sea wall. This bird was not ringed (see yesterday's post)
Later when Janet checked, there was at least one male displaying between the lighthouse and waterfalls.
Rock Pipit parachuting 

This was slightly unusual, the Oystercatchers set off from Red Nab on the ebbing tide. They head towards the feeding areas on the north side at this point in the tide. But as they got higher, the cold blast must have changed their mind, and they quickly landed again,  but they ended up in the sea, and then got washed ashore like so much flotsam. Unfortunately I was slow getting my camera out and most were back within wading distance by the time I took this clip.