Warbling in the snow!

The fresh NW cold wind continued, although not quite as biting as yesterday. Largely sunny in the morning, but snow then hail showers and sunshine in the afternoon.

South shore
Shelduck 26
Wheatears 4
Linnet 2
Rock pipits 5 (1 briefly on foreshore then Red Nab, 2 between lighthouse and waterfall, 2 "agitated" near the, now locked, gate the other side of the waterfall (where Fishers building is being stripped). But the agitation appeared to be due to the dredger working very close to the wall (nest site?).
This is one of the birds between the lighthouse and waterfall, I was trying to see if it was ringed on the right leg (see post 4/4/21), but it was hunkered down against the cold wind, and protected its right leg with all the skill of a fan dancer (MD)