Blog Post: Big Wild Summer time down at Fairhaven

Summer Time at the Fairhaven Lake Visitor Centre Summer time and the living is easy....finally! After months of Covid restrictions we are finally seeing the finish line in sight. We may still remain cautious and keep our distance, keep touch points cleaner than usual and maybe even wear face masks, but we are looking forward to our first summer at the lake under our new guise and with many of the long awaited renovations completed. As the RSPB, our focus remains on connecting with nature. During lockdown it was noticeable how many people discovered a nature on their door step they had never noticed before. As time moves on and we have been returning to some sort of normality, these experiences dwindle. Having spoken with many teachers recently, outdoor experiences for children have been lacking. They report feelings of restriction and "cooped-up-ness" there's been a lack of freedom. Many school visits have been unable to go ahead and there has been constant disruption to education, routine and lives. As a result the RSPB are keen to engage families with the outdoors over the summer holidays with Big Wild Summer. A Big Wild Summer at Fairhaven Lake comprises of a lakeside trail and activity pack. The trail boards are dotted around the lake with the activity packs being collected from the centre, so come in and grab one before you start. We have also got a whole brand new set of badges to make in the centre, which I know have been a family favourite activity for many years and for those pin badge collectors we have brand new stock in too. Alongside the trail and with thanks to the Heritage Lottery Funding and Fylde Borough council we have two fabulous activity back packs for hire too. Why carry everything, when you can borrow it off us? There's a beachside backpack and a lake and gardens backpack, both include activity ideas and all equipment required to have a fabulous time exploring, discovering wildlife and having fun around the lake and on the beach. Just what children need after their many months of school disruption. We also have a selection of hot and cold drinks peruse the information boards with refreshments or take them out onto the lake. The finishing touches to the centre are also underway and will hopefully be ready around a similar time to the easing of Covid restrictions, so look out for our wonderful 360 degree rotating kiosk providing views all across the estuary from the heart of the centre. We look forward to seeing you there Jo