First juvenile Med arrives

Still hot and sunny with west breeze.

Heysham skear - low water 15:20
Oystercatcher large numbers as ever, Curlew c50
Turnstone two lots of 10 and 2 on middle skear, probably passage. Another 14 on inner skear, possibly resident.
Redshank at least 150, largest flock 100. Smaller flocks between 6 - 30 seemed to be everywhere. All the birds I saw leaving flew east overland.
Little Egret 4

South shore 4 hr before high water
Rock Pipit 1 on Red Nab
Plenty of Black-Headed gulls on both outflows, although No.2 is still only 50% volume
Mediterranean gulls 12 - 10 adult, 1 x 3rd calendar year and 1 juvenile. Four hours before high water there were only 4 Meds on the beach by the wooden jetty, but as the tide moved up the beach more arrived, including this adult with a juvenile.
Adult Mediterranean gull with a juvenile 

Some detail of the juvenile Mediterranean gull 

This clip I actually took yesterday. Watch the Cormorant flying low over the water, it startles surface feeding fish (almost certainly Grey Mullet), some jump clear or the water, which in turn startles the Cormorant. This wasn't a fortuitous clip. This happened every time a Cormorant flew past.