By popular demand…….Red jelly blobs!

The day started with a light south breeze, but it soon swung back to the west and freshened. Still very hot and sunny.

Ocean Edge and Red Nab - high water 09:25
There were 525 gulls roosting on the mud just out from the saltmarsh 
There were 525 gulls in this first wave of gulls, there was a smaller
roost further out and the dark line in the distance are Curlew 

The gulls were mainly Black-Headed but also included:
Mediterranean gull 10 - 8 adult, 1 x 3rd calendar year and 1 juvenile. There were also 2 additional adult on Red Nab
Sandwich Tern 5 - there were two adult and 3 juvenile flying around.
Four of the Sandwich Terns

Wooden Jetty area - early evening.
No.1 outflow was exceeding busy with feeding gulls.